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How much does an average website cost?

There isn't really any such thing as an “average” website. A website is part of an overall marketing and communications, and sometimes even operational, effort. The functions and content of a website are based on the goals and strategies of that effort. Many factors effect cost, in particular the depth of creative and technical needs.

To help us understand your needs, we usually conduct an initial in-person needs analysis with decision makers at your company but we do recommend having a budget in mind. In general, we rarely work on one-off projects. We are far more interested in helping a company build the strength of its marketing over the long haul. Static one-off websites just won't do that. We care about being invested in your growth. It's how we grow too.

To give you a general idea, though, it's worth noting that we rarely engage with clients who have less than $20k to invest per year.

What are your hourly rates?

We don't publish any specific hourly rates. Here's why: rates won't really give anyone a true sense of what it will cost to meet a company's goals or to complete a specific project.

For example, you could hire a newbie coder who charges $35 an hour but who takes 200 hours to complete a project or you could hire a $100 an hour coder with experience specific to your project who completes the project in 50 hours. What we do here at SRMC is put together a team of the professionals who are best qualified to collaborate together to complete your project within your budget and timeframe.

If you are thinking of working with us, we recommend having a yearly marketing budget defined. With that number in mind, we will look at what you want to achieve and help you determine what’s realistic within that budget.

Do you do pro bono work?

Yes. While we can't take on every pro bono project that comes our way, if we're passionate about your cause, we'd love to help. In the past we've helped inner city schools and supported our military troops but these aren't the only causes we care about. If you have a meaningful cause, just give us a shout.

Are there any discounts available?

We provide discounts to non-profits for some services. Not every company ─ especially startups ─ can afford a big ticket solution; if we're sold on your company's mission, product or business model, we may offer to provide certain incentives, value-add solutions or discounts.

What ROI do you guarantee?

None. And anyone who does is full of it. Some will toss around a bunch of jargon and technical, but persuasive, metrics. This is just sales trickery, the tech age's snake oil salesmen.

Take a look at some of our case studies to see how we've helped different companies meet their goals. Still not sure? Just give us a call and we'll connect you up with some of our clients who can tell you firsthand how we helped them achieve their goals.

How are you different from ______________?

(insert any of the following: an IT firm, a design studio, an ad agency, a PR/communications company, a media buyer, a marketing group, etc.)

We're different because we are all of those things. And more. Our core mission is to provide you with every resource you need to engage your audience, on their terms, in their preferred mediums, with content that they are seeking.

Why should we hire you?

That's for you to decide. We're not the cheapest. And we're certainly going to ask the hard questions. If you are only interested in business as usual, then we'll probably decline working with you even if you think we're what you want.

But, If you want to grow and are ready to jump, we're ready to jump with you. 

And we'll hold your hand too.



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