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Discovery & Planning
Every project we undertake, with the exception of small projects done for long term clients, is subject to thorough analysis and planning.

The first step in the process is collaborative. We work with you to identify your needs, challenges and explore all possible opportunities following a methodology developed over a decade of experience.

We dig deep because we know that the gateway to creating sustainable growth is through understanding where a company is today and where it wants to go tomorrow. We know that there are no quick fixes or magic bullets. And as seductive as one size fits all instant gratification solutions are, they rarely succeed in the long term.

Finally, the strategic team develops the marketing, communication and media plan based on clearly defined goals to insure that all messaging, both online and offline, is aligned, to best engage your target audience efficiently with the maximum impact.

This plan guides the team through Production and Engagement.

This is the distillation of all that we have learned through our discovery work being thoughtfully driven towards the final execution. The process is collaborative as the work evolves from idea to reality.

During this phase, the creatives and technologists are hard at work crafting content and platforms that will engage your audience in their preferred mediums. Initial concepting, story boarding and copywriting, design and development all happen here.

This is the step where art and technology, commerce and communication, are fused into one united effort aimed at engaging your consumers. Creative and technical solutions are integrated and launched but the work does not stop here.

Tracking, data collection and analysis allow us to monitor the activities and refine efforts on the fly as data is gathered. We track and measure following well defined metrics developed during the planning stage.



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