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Having a social media presence is just that, a presence. It's what you do with it that counts. Social media is not about selling, it's about having a conversation and engaging in a relationship with your consumer and stakeholders. It's about building a tribe.

“The stronger the dialog, the stronger the brand;
the weaker the dialog, the weaker the brand.”
—Larry Webber

We hear a lot people say that social media is free. Maybe signing up is free, but setting the correct goals and priorities, and dedicating people and resources to engage with your tribe takes time and capital.

Not to mention people. People who have a deep understanding of the goals and priorities of your organization and the ability to communicate clearly and simply with the public. The people who are running your social media program are your spokespeople.

“Do you have the right people in place that have these skills?,” is one of the best questions to ask yourself when thinking about your social media plan. We see a lot of companies hire young and inexperienced people “because they know the technology.”

Social media is a tool like a hammer is a tool. Just because someone can swing a hammer doesn't mean they can build a house. But in this case the tool is your own broadcast network with the potential to reach the whole world. Who is the person you trust turning over the microphone to?

Here at SRMC, we've worked with several of our clients to forge sophisticated plans for integrating social media in ways that are meaningful. Social media is not a one-size-fits all service, therefore just displaying a bunch of social media posts as portfolio pieces doesn't really communicate the complete story.

Still, we've put together some graphics to show you how we've utilized social media and integrated it with other tactics at the campaign level for our client, Greater Bridgeport Transit, to help you understand how social media can be integrated with a company's marketing plan.



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