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Holy Joe's Cafe

Holy Joe's Cafe is a non-profit that sends free coffee to U.S. troops around the world via a network of deployed military chaplains. Since 2006, over 120 cafes have been opened, mainly in the Middle East. Holy Joe's is ecumenical and has garnered free and volunteer support from many organizations, companies and groups.

Everything, and we mean everything, from Holy Joe's is provided for free — from shipping cargo containers full of coffee and supplies to the letters of thanks that are sent to each donor, not a cent is paid to any person or organization.

We began providing pro bono work to Holy Joe's in 2006, first in small ways by providing copywriting and on-the-fly graphic design services for coffee labels and eventually more comprehensively by helping Holy Joe's in their straetgic planning — from grant writing to forming partnerships with donating companies such as Dean's Beans and Green Mountain Coffee — as they grew exponentially.

Initally, we helped Holy Joe's setup a Facebook presence, a landing page, and print collateral for use in public events. At it's height, we helped Holy Joe's build a fan base of over 10,000 users on Facebook who helped setup volunteer efforts in their communities or who helped by donating directly.

Holy Joe's Tri-fold Brochure:

Holy Joe's Trifold Brochure

Holy Joe's Trifold Brochure



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