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Greater Bridgeport Transit

Starting in 2008, we've been working with GBT to meet several interrelated goals: grow ridership, build awareness and serve the community. Through ongoing demographic research and analysis, we've helped GBT strategically engage riders, the community, legislators and internal folks such as customer service people and bus drivers.

Some of the integrated efforts that have evolved from this process include: an Annual Earth Day event, Video contests, email newsletter, and social network marketing. Below are highlights of some of our work with GBT.

Interactive System map

Following a discovery phase in which we engaged riders through public events and online surveys, we helped GBT pinpoint the key features and functions that riders wanted out of a new website. Some of the findings directly effected the features and content we decided to feature in the site.

One striking outcome was the inclusion of a very simple button bar on the left side of the website that allows long-time riders to quickly shorthand the navigation system to get directly to the route page they are interested in.

While rider (customer) needs are paramount, it is also important to research and project future usage needs and allow for a website to grow over time. For example, many riders cited the need for mobile connectivity but it was not ranked in the top three features at that time. We offered GBT a solution that was mobile compatible as trends at that time projected the growing use of smartphones across all industries. This forsight allowed GBT to run a system that was there waiting for smartphone users more than three years later when the majority of website traffic from mobile devices exceeded the traffic from regular computers.

Earth Day 2009 - 2011
2009 winner of the APTA AdWheels Grand Prize and First Place for Event Marketing

Telling Your Story Video Campaign, 2010-2011

News & Social Engagement 2012
In January 2012, we helped GBT launch a formal editorial program in which we proactively plan each month's activities and provide outreach through email, mobile SMS, and social media. This program is new so stay tuned for graphics, metrics and analysis of the program.



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