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Greater Bridgeport Regional Council

GBRC Website

In the Spring of 2011, we began working with the GBRC on a new identity which included creating a new logo and website. The organization had just changed it's organizational structure to a Council of Governments (COG) and consequently had changed it's name from the Greater Bridgeport Regional Planning Agency (GBRPA) to the Greater Bridgeport Regional Council (GBRC). GBRC is a COG and an RPO (Regional Planning Organization).

A COG is mandated by the federal government to manage federal transportation funding at the regional level while an RPO is desgnated by the state to handle regional planning activities outside of transportation such as land use planning. In an uncommon arrangement, GBRC also handles the transportation planning for the Valley Region in Connecticut.

If that doesn't makes you feel like you're talking with marbles in your mouth, we don't know what does. Indeed, one of the challenges we faced was determining a clear, simple way to communicate the identity of such an evolving and multifaceted company.

Many months were spent storyboarding and then organizing and then reorganizing the website structure as new information was discovered. During this time illustrations, infographics, copy, branding guides, photography, maps, public reports and slidedecks were created to help engage the public and inform stakeholders.

The website is mobile-compatible and includes extensible features to enable the GBRC to build out it's library of content through a Content Mangement System (CMS). The website launch was announced to the public through integrated social media outlets and via an email newsletter that was sent to federal, state and local legislators.



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